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Welcome to the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg! We are a micronation, which is the generic term for a small unrecognized sovereign state. Some micronations are taken (and take themselves) more seriously than others, but all of them have in common that they are organized as a nation with a government, laws, the symbols and prerogatives of nationhood, participants who have status as citizens of the nation, and leadership in the form of a monarch or an elected executive.

Founded in late 1989 as a personal endeavour of King August Charles II, Gotzborg was originally a social network and community with real personal interaction and paper-based systems. By 1996, the demands of the real world had weighed heavily enough on the King and his citizens that activity was suspended. The advance of technology and improved resources drew the Kingdom into the wider world of internet micronationalism. In 2004, the Kingdom was ready to return as a functioning community. Its translation to the Internet has provided Gotzborg with a whole new approach to community and a variety of dynamic relationships with like-minded micronations.

By 2005, Gotzborg had become one of the leading and most respected micronations in the wider Anglophone Simulationist Community. Today, we maintain that respectful position in the wider community as we continue to build a successful micronation, both internally and intermicronationally.

Gotzborg Today - seeking creative individuals to share in our community

Today is an exciting time for the Kingdom, as it continues to explore the creativity of its participants in a multitude of subject fields, from economics to military to law and even more. We extend an open invitation to any person desiring the opportunity to explore one's creativity in a welcoming, mature and supportive environment.

Each person comes to Gotzborg with a different expectation and different views on all topics. This is the soul of what makes micronationalism enjoyable. The Kingdom seeks a cooperative approach between our participants' differing personalities in pursuit of three things: community building, nation building and relationship building.

If you are interested in joining our community, please visit our community forum for more information on how you can become the newest Gotzer.

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The Royal University of Gotzborg:


The Royal University of Gotzborg (RUG) is the primary educational institution within the Royal Kingdom. It encompasses a range of specialized schools, both civilian and military, with the goal of increasing the knowledge and awareness of Gotzers and foreigners alike. It is governed by the provisions of the Royal University of Gotzborg Act. Since its founding in 2005, the university has been a centre for academic excellence within the micronational community, offering lectures and courses on a diverse range of topics.

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About this website

This website is the official portal for both the Gotzborg community. You are invited to peruse our site to become acquainted with our culture, our history, and our institutions. The sidebar to the left contains popular links to important pages for your convenience. Included with this site is the Public Records Office, a comprehensive national records databases containing a wide range of historic documents, current laws, and cultural relics.