Public Records Office Archival Library Index

The Public Records Office uses an integrated file management system through which all archived Royal Government documents and files are generally retrievable by the public, unless access controls have been effected for sensitivity purposes.

Each entity of the Royal Government is required to deposit all official documents, files and communications with the Public Records Office. Private entities may also voluntarily deposit such items with the Office in the interests of maintaining a comprehensive community archive.

Each entity is assigned an Originator Abbreviation, which identifies the origin of the archival piece, in combination with a control number, constituting the piece's 'PRO Control Number'. An example for your understanding is shown below.

In the file management system below, to access all publicly available records for a specific entity, click on the link associated with its Originator Abbreviation.

2014-01-05: The Public Records Office has been made aware that viewing of sub-categories and files for users that are not logged in to their WordPress account is currently not available. Our attempts to correct the matter have been unsuccessful. Until further notice, please log in so that you can view the full Archival Library collection.

PRO Control Number Example: Document No. WO 006/04 corresponds with a document submitted from the War Office, being the sixth ("006") document submitted during the calendar year 2004 ("04").

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