The Foreign Office


ministerforeignThe Foreign Office is one of the Ministries of State in the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg and as such is headed by a Minister, known as the Minister of State for the Foreign Office. The Minister of State oversees the administration of all embassies, missions, ambassadors and other diplomatic staff representing the Royal Kingdom on the world stage and serves as the chief diplomat of our micronation. As the second most senior Ministry of State, the Minister chairs the Royal Cabinet in the absence of both the Royal Chancellor and the Minister of State of the Home Office.

The responsibility of the Foreign Office includes establishing and maintaining lines of communication with other micronations and intermicronational organizations and ensuring that the national interests of the Royal Kingdom are represented on the world stage.

Diplomatic staff with the Foreign Office play an important role in negotiating and concluding bilateral and multilateral agreements that benefit our national interests and foster cooperation with other micronations, and the positive development and evolution of the community. Ambassadors, where appointed, are tasked with providing regular representation of Gotzborg in their assigned diplomatic mission and for communicating official Royal Government positions on matters of importance.

Press Secretary Office

The Press Secretary Office is responsible for the development and release of press bulletins as well as responding to inquiries from media publications. The following is a list of recent press releases:

    Organizational Structure

    The Foreign Office is headed by the Minister of State who appoints, as needed, ambassadors to represent Gotzborg in authorized diplomatic missions. For a complete list of current missions and assigned ambassadors, please consult the foreign relations page.

    Vice-Ministers have previously been appointed within the Foreign Office to administer regional bureau offices; however, as of 2010, these positions have been vacated.

    Current Minister of State for the Foreign Office: Mr. John Leterd

    Current Foreign Relations of Gotzborg

    Please visit the Foreign Relations page for more information on current diplomatic contacts, missions, ambassadors, treaties, etc.