The Home Office


Home Office Building, Lonenberg City, Lonenberg

The Home Office is one of the Ministries of State in the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg and as such is headed by a Minister, known as the Minister of State for the Home Office (commonly called the 'Home Minister'). The Minister of State oversees the administration of all ministries and agencies of the Home Office, carries out the responsibilities of any vacant positions, and chairs the Royal Cabinet in the absence of the Royal Chancellor.

ministerhomeThe responsibility of the Home Office encompasses the entirety of the nation within its borders and represents the largest and most senior of the Ministries. Due to its large realm of responsibility, the Home Office consists of a number of Vice-Ministries, agencies and other entities that are tasked with specific portfolios to ensure effective administration and governance.

The present organizational structure of the Home Office is outlined below. The current Minister of State for the Home Office is Mr. Rudolph von Instow

Press Secretary Office

The Press Secretary Office is responsible for the development and release of press bulletins as well as responding to inquiries from media publications. This Office is presently integrated with the Home Minister's position. The following is a list of recent press releases:

    Organizational Structure

    If you are interested in applying for a designated vacancy below, please contact either the Minister of State for the Home Office or the Royal Chancellor via the Community Forums.


    Ministry Current Vice-Minister
    coloniesSMround Colonies & Overseas Possessions Vacant
    commerceindustrySMround Commerce & Industry Sir Ross Kilder
    cultureeducationSMround Culture & Education Mr. Josh Wesloh
    infoSMround Information Sir Bjorn Olsen
    justiceSMround Justice Mr. Friedrich Bauer
    pubwksSMround Public Works Mr. Meila Ifai

    Other Home Office Entities

    Entity Head Reporting To
    rspsSMround Royal Security Police Service General Wilhelm Hollander Minister of State for the Home Office