The Royal Cabinet Office

TheĀ Royal Cabinet Office is a collective of high-ranking Royal Government officials (Ministers, Vice-Ministers, King's Counsellors and senior Crown Servants) that determines the policy and tactics on all matters of national interest and government. It operates privately, with access limited exclusively to those individuals appointed to the Cabinet.


The Office is the power centre of government in Gotzborg, in line with its strong focus on executive-led government (as opposed to legislature-led government). Chaired by the Royal Chancellor, the Royal Cabinet Office is perpetually in-session and ready to discuss matters as they arise. In addition to its routine operation, the Royal Cabinet hosts irregular Crown Council meetings in which His Royal Majesty joins its Members to discuss a specific agenda of policy items.

In the absence of the Royal Chancellor, the Royal Cabinet is chaired by the Minister of State for the Home Office first, the Minister of State for the Foreign Office second, and the Minister of State for the War Office third. In their absence, the highest ranking available Vice-Minister acts as chair.

Minutes of Proceedings

The Royal Cabinet Office does not maintain a press secretariat and, due to the nature of the matters it discusses, its proceedings are confidential. In an effort to nonetheless keep the general public informed of its deliberations, the Royal Cabinet Office does publish minutes of its meetings and proceedings briefly documenting non-sensitive matters. Click here to access the list of currently published minutes.