The Chancellery



The Royal Chancellor is the head of the Royal Government and chair of the Royal Cabinet Office. Responsible for the overall administration of government and the implementation of policy decisions by the Royal Cabinet, the Royal Chancellor is appointed by His Royal Majesty and serves at His pleasure.

The current Royal Chancellor is Lord Montin, who has been active in that role since July 16, 2010.

Press Secretary Office

The Press Secretary Office is responsible for the development and release of press bulletins as well as responding to inquiries from media publications. This Office is presently integrated with the Royal Chancellor's position. The following is a list of recent press releases:

Organizational Structure


Director of Finance

The Director of Finance, supervising the Directorate of Finance, is appointed by, and reports directly to, the Royal Chancellor and is responsible for ensuring the execution of several important and critical financial-related duties. The role of the Directorate is presently defined by the Government Finance Act (ST 24/004) to include the following duties:

  • Develop and monitor the budget of the Royal Government for each fiscal year;
  • Monitor the accounts, assets and liabilities of the Royal Government;
  • Manage the offering or purchase of bonds and other securities to raise revenue for the Royal Government;
  • Provide advice on government fiscal policy to the Royal Chancellor;
  • Administer the payroll office as defined in the Crown Servant Salary Act (Section 10, ST 24/002);
  • Other duties and responsibilities as may be defined from time to time by the Royal Chancellor or Law.

Current Director of Finance: Mr. John Leterd

Governor of the Royal Bank of Commerce

The Royal Bank of Commerce is the bank of the Royal Government, providing central banking services under the guidance of the Governor, who is appointed by the Royal Chancellor for a renewable six month term. The duties and operations of the Royal Bank of Commerce are defined under Section 5 of the Currency, Exchange and Banking Act (ST 24/001) and include:

  • Receiving and holding reserve deposits and additional reserves from banks (see Article 19 and Article 20);
  • Operating deposit and loan accounts for the treasury of the Kingdom and for other agencies of the government;
  • Determining interest rates for reserve and other deposits and for loans to banks and to the government of the Kingdom;
  • Operating in the financial marketplace to buy and sell bonds and other negotiable instruments for the purpose of regulating the volume of money in the economy of the Kingdom;
  • Providing advice and assistance to the Deputy Minister for Banking for any duty or power exercisable by that minister under this law; and,
  • Any other duty or power assigned to the RBC by this law or any other regulation, order or instrument of the Kingdom.

Sir Ross Kilder is the Interim Governor of the Royal Bank of Commerce as of 2013-04-09. Applications are being accepted for a permanent Governor from interested parties. Please contact the Royal Chancellor via Private Message on the Community Forums if you are interested in seeking this appointment.

Special Advisors

The Royal Chancellor may appoint from time to time individuals who hold expertise or a strong interest in certain policy fields as Special Advisors. A Special Advisor will provide the Royal Chancellor with targeted advice and, where appropriate, policy papers for presentation to the Royal Cabinet Office.

Individuals interested in offering their expertise in a certain area are encouraged to approach the Royal Chancellor to discuss potential appointments. The Royal Chancellor may also at time make public notice of available advisory positions.