The Royal University of Gotzborg (RUG) is the primary post-secondary educational institution within the Royal Kingdom. It encompasses a range of specialized schools, both civilian and military, with the goal of increasing the knowledge and awareness of Gotzers and foreigners alike.

The main campus of RUG is located in the historic city of Aremstadt, in the Archduchy of Aremberg. There are also satellite campuses located in Lonenberg, Atwood, Troy, Rjasan and Coprieta. The university is also responsible for the administration and provision of services on behalf of the King Charles II Law School in Altamore, the King Charles III War Studies College in Coprieta, the Eber College of Economics, the Richard Roelofs University of Pendronia, and the Anthelia University in Helion.

The Rector of the University, its ceremonial head, is Sir David Roest-Westhin, K.B.

Taking Courses at RUG

To take an available course through the Royal University of Gotzborg, one must first register an account with this website. Once registered, through your Dashboard, you can access the 'My Courses' section which will provide you with a full listing of courses currently open for access (see below for a list of available courses and related information).

The Namaste! LMS learning management system that the Royal University of Gotzborg utilizes is fully integrated with this website and offers automated testing and scoring functions. When you have completed a course, you will be awarded a certificate that can be accessed through the learning management system.

Available Courses through RUG

The following courses are currently available through the Royal University of Gotzborg. For more information, please click on the course title to access its profile page.

School for Public Administration (Aremstadt, Aremberg)

School for Micronational Studies (Aremstadt, Aremberg)

Eber College of Economics (Eber, Kendal)

King Charles II School of Law (Altamore, Altamore)

King Charles III War Studies College (Coprieta, Montin)