The Public Records Office

The Public Records Office is the central archive for documentary records pertaining to the governance of the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. These records include Royal Decrees, Minutes of Proceedings of the Royal Cabinet Office, Chamber of Deputies Statutes, Government Regulations, Government Orders and Notices, as well as a comprehensive collection of other official documents and publications of the Royal Government.

The Public Records Office also maintains a central database called "Who's Who". This service lists all citizens of the Royal Kingdom and provides information on their employment in the Royal Government, their Awards and Honours, and other relevant public data.

In addition to its primary role, the Public Records Office also accepts contributions of all archival material pertaining to the history of Gotzborg from any interested party, regardless of whether the material is related to governance or not, in order to ensure its safe keeping in a central archive.

It is the ongoing objective of the Public Records Office to be able to share a variety of government, cultural and historical materials pertaining to the Royal Kingdom with the wider public.

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About the Archivist of Gotzborg

His Grace Liam (Sinclair) has been active in the Anglophone Simulationist Community since 2001. He gained citizenship in the Royal Kingdom in February 2005 and quickly rose up through the ranks of the Royal Government, serving first as the Deputy Vice-Minister of State for Communications & Information and later as the Minister of State for the Home Office. In September 2005, His Grace was appointed to the position of King's Counsellor in His Royal Majesty's Office and has also since served in various other Royal Government capacities, culminating with his appointment as Lord Protector and Ambassador Plenipotentiary in April 2007.

His Grace was a key supporter of efforts to develop a national archive collection independent of the former Ezboard forum system (where the Public Records Office was once located) used by the Royal Kingdom from 2004 to 2007, following the May 2005 hacker attack against that forum provider which resulted in the permanent loss of most national records of the Royal Kingdom.

His Grace has been the Archivist of Gotzborg, responsible for the administration and development of the Public Records Office, since February 2007.