Foreign Relations

Diplomatic Recognition by Gotzborg

Basic diplomatic recognition of other sovereign micronations by Gotzborg is subject to Gotzborg Regulation 002/10, which authorizes the Minister of State (Foreign Office) to issue an order granting diplomatic recognition to another micronation.

Unlike many contemporary micronations, Gotzborg no longer engages in the practice of signing Treaties of Mutual Recognition, instead utilizing the aforementioned Ministerial Order to effect the same purpose. Instead, Gotzborg seeks to enter into treaties with like-minded micronations on a variety of policy areas (ex. economy, education, defence, etc) in order to enshrine means of cooperation to attain our common goals with those micronations.


The following laws, regulations, documents and other texts are considered as the primary guidelines that shape how Gotzborg engages in foreign relations with its partners.

Bilateral Partners

Gotzborg maintains a formal relationship with a multitude of bilateral partners. The following table summarizes the current status of our relationship with our various micronational partners, past and present.

Micronation Recognition Date Micronation Status Current Ambassador Agreements
A1 2010-11-29 Inactive Browse PRO
Alexandria 2010-11-29 Active Liam Sinclair Browse PRO
Antica 2010-11-29 Inactive Browse PRO
Araysht 2013-05-13 Inactive Browse PRO
Ashkenatza 2010-11-29 Inactive Browse PRO
Babkha 2011-03-20 Inactive Browse PRO
Baltiya 2011-03-20 Inactive Browse PRO
Bataviƫ 2013-07-22 Inactive Browse PRO
Craitland 2013-05-13 Active Vacant Browse PRO
Delvera 2013-07-22 Active Vacant Browse PRO
The Dominion 2013-05-13 Inactive Browse PRO
Elwynn 2010-11-29 Inactive Browse PRO
Ergonia 2015-01-30 Active Vacant Browse PRO
Flanders 2005-02-13 Active Hyderus Adrianus Browse PRO
Haifa 2013-08-23 Active Vacant Browse PRO
Hamland 2013-08-23 Active Vacant Browse PRO
Jingdao 2013-05-13 Active Vacant Browse PRO
Leichenberg 2013-05-13 Inactive Browse PRO
Maraguo 2013-08-30 Inactive Browse PRO
Mercury 2013-10-07 Active Vacant Browse PRO
Natopia 2013-05-13 Active Vacant Browse PRO
Nedland 2015-06-13 Active Vacant Browse PRO
Negala 2010-11-29 Inactive Browse PRO
Neo Patrova 2013-08-13 Inactive Browse PRO
New Victoria 2012-12-12 Inactive Browse PRO
Normark 2010-12-10 Inactive Browse PRO
Ocia 2012-03-26 Inactive Browse PRO
Pontus 2013-05-13 Active Vacant Browse PRO
Safiria 2013-08-30 Active Vacant Browse PRO
Sanilla 2013-05-13 Inactive Browse PRO
Shireroth 2005-10-27 Active Liam Sinclair Browse PRO
Stormark 2013-12-27 Active Vacant The Treaty of Burges Bay
Victoria 2010-11-29 Inactive Browse PRO

Intermicronational Organization Memberships

The Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg has been a member of a number of different intermicronational treaty organizations during its existence. Its membership, whether past or present, in such organizations is summarized below, with active missions indicated. For more information on the Gotzborg Mission to each organization, please follow the appropriate link.

Organization Name Function Date Joined Date Exited Current Ambassador Gotzborg Mission
Geographical Standards Organisation Mapping 2006-08-15 2007-04-22 Dissolved
Micronational Cartography Society Mapping 2011-02-16 2011-12-01 Dissolved
Micras Treaty Organization Political 2012-10-02 Lord Montin MTO Mission
Novasolum Regional Community Political/Economic 2005-08-20 2007-04-22 Dissolved