Our Government


The Royal Government comprises a collection of ministries, agencies and other entities created to administer the provision of services to the Royal Kingdom. The Royal Government is staffed by various individuals within the community who undertake their duties and responsibilities in support of all Gotzers in order to provide the community with a firm foundation on which to grow. Crown Servants, i.e. those holding Royal Government positions, use their appointments to express their own individual creativity within the authorized structure and responsibilities associated with the position.

Organizational Structure

The following is a brief explanation of how the Royal Government is structured. For more information on the roles and responsibilities of each position or office, please follow the associated links. If you are interested in applying for a vacancy, please visit the community forums and post an inquiry.

While the Royal Government operationally supports His Royal Majesty's Office, and that Office is often popularly viewed as falling under the auspices of the Royal Government, it is in fact an independent entity that is solely tasked with supporting His Royal Majesty as Head of State.

The Royal Chancellor

The Royal Government is headed by the Royal Chancellor, who is also the chairperson of the Royal Cabinet Office, the Kingdom's policy and tactical planning body comprised of senior officials. The Royal Chancellor is appointed by His Royal Majesty and serves at His Pleasure.

Current Royal Chancellor Appointed
Lord Montin 2010-07-16

The Ministers of State

Ministers of State are appointed by His Royal Majesty on the advise of the Royal Chancellor, who they directly report to. A Minister of State is an individual who heads one of the Great Offices of State listed below. Each Minister of State is responsible for a wide ranging portfolio and a number of lesser ministers and officials within their portfolio.

Office of State Current Minister of State Appointed
Home Office Mr. Rudolph von Instow
Foreign Office Mr. John Leterd
War Office His Royal Majesty
Anthelia Office Mandate Expired
Victoria Office Bjorn Olsen 2014-02-06

The Vice-Ministers of State

While the overall leadership and direction for each Office is provided Minister of State, each Office holds several constituent portfolios, with each headed by a Vice-Minister of State. These constituent portfolios essentially represent the core functions of the Royal Government that allows it to function and meet the needs of Gotzers.

The Vice-Minister of State position is a rewarding position but it may also be a demanding one at times. The Vice-Minister of State provides leadership and direction to lesser officials within his or her portfolio and, where such lesser officials are not available, performs the roles of those officials in their absence.

For more information on existing Vice-Minister of State positions, please visit the appropriate Great Office of State via the links in the Ministers of State listing above.

The Chamber of Deputies

While not technically an entity of the Royal Government, the Chamber of Deputies nonetheless plays an important role in regulating and guiding the actions of the government. The Chamber is an open direct-democracy legislative body that proposes and debates legislation relevant to the operations and law of the Royal Kingdom. All citizens may freely participate in the Chamber, providing those who do not desire the responsibilities of a Royal Government position to nonetheless influence its operations through presenting legislation to His Royal Majesty for enactment. Visit the Chamber of Deputies page linked above for more information on how to participate in this body.

Titles and Styles of Ministers

Those individuals in our community who have attained the position of Vice-Minister of State or greater have done so through a display of their merit and dedication to the livelihood and continued success of the Royal Kingdom. For this reason, such individuals are afforded the title of their office and as a sign of respect, in official and/or formal communication, it is appreciated that one comply with the following stylings.

Official Title Styling Unofficial Alternate Titles
Royal Chancellor of Gotzborg His Excellency the Royal Chancellor Royal Chancellor; Chancellor
Minister of State of the Home/Foreign/War/Anthelia Office The Honourable Minister of State Royal Minister; Home/Foreign/War/Anthelia Minister
Vice Minister of State [Department Name] The Honourable Vice Minister of State Vice Minister