Our Identity

The national identity of the Royal Kingdom is embodied through a variety of unique cultural relics. These include our national flag, arms, official symbols, peerages, and a comprehensive system of orders, medals, heraldry and cartography. To learn more about each of these cultural aspects of our identity, please continue reading below.

Flags and Arms

Each of the various official flags and arms of the Royal Kingdom embody its two national colours: red and deep yellow. The red symbolizes the strength of our community and our relationships, while the deep yellow represents the sun as the umbrella under which we all live and interact with one another. To view the gallery of the existing official flags and arms, please click here.


Like many nations, Gotzborg has its own national anthem, national animals and national plants which represent its combined official symbols, a key part of our community identity. To view the gallery of our national symbols, click here.


The Peerages of the Royal Kingdom correspond to its of its major territorial subdivisions, and are awarded by His Royal Majesty to individuals who have made significant contributions to Gotzborg through their citizenship. To view a list of peerages and their associated arms, please click here.


The Royal Kingdom has six chivalric orders that are bestowed by His Royal Majesty to individuals in recognition of their contributions to Gotzborg and the wider micronational community. A person entered into a specific Order by His Royal Majesty acquires the full entitlement of membership in that group, including the right to use the associated post-nominals. To learn more about the Orders of the Royal Kingdom, please click here.


Medals in Gotzborg are split into different types or domains of awards. Each award is ranked according to its status and position within the overall honours system and must be worn and displayed according to the official 'Sequence of Honours'. Awards may be either military or civilian or both.

The domains of awards are split into the following groups: Gallantry; Honour; Meritorious Service; Distinguished Service; Royal Household; Campaign; Long Service; Service; Jubilee; and, Foreign. Click here to view the gallery of current medal ribbons.


Gotzborg is home to an extensive system of heraldry, which is commonly known as the practice of designing coat of arms and heraldic badges. Heraldry is particularly popular in our community and many personal and corporate arms have been issued throughout our history. For more information on heraldry in the Royal Kingdom, click here.


While holding no actual real territory, Gotzborg nonetheless like many nations organizes itself based on a number of subdivisions - Archduchies, Grand Duchies, Duchies, Counties, Colonies and other territories. The depiction of these subdivisions through cartography forms a key part of our community's cultural identity and these maps are in turn used in the general function of the Royal Government. A gallery of current maps is available on our community forums by clicking here.


Gotzborg's subdivisions are home to more than one-hundred unique and storied settlements, ranging from small hamlets to magnificant, historic cities. To learn more about these settlements, please click here to access a comprehensive listing.


Gotzborg is home to many different organizations that focus on specific aspects of our community. A list of current organizations can be viewed by clicking here.