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The King of Gotzborg

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The present King of Gotzborg is August Charles II, who is also the founder and cultural architect of the Kingdom.

Ruling since 1989, King August Charles II has led Gotzborg with a fair, even and progressive hand throughout his reign, guiding it to become one of the most respected micronations in the Anglophone Simulationist Community.

King August Charles II represents the nineteenth monarch of the Kingdom since its formation in 1706. To view a gallery of past monarchs, please click here.

Royal House

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Royal Household and Holdings

His Majesty's Royal Household is the personal group of persons responsible to the King for running His private and personal affairs and ensuring support and assistance to the King whenever required. The Royal Household also manages the King's vast holdings. For more information, please click here.


Forms of Address

Title Address Title Address
King of Gotzborg His Royal Majesty Count Your Lordship/Ladyship
Queen Consort Her Royal Majesty Royal Chancellor Your Lordship
Royal Crown Prince/ss His/Her Royal Highness Lord Justice Your Worship
Royal Prince/ss (Blood) His/Her Royal Highness Royal Minister Your Excellency
Prince/ss His/Her Highness Lord Mayor Your Lordship
Archduke Your Grace Knight/Dame Sir/Lady
Grand Duke Your Grace Citizen Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss
Duke Your Grace Cardinal Your Eminence

Royal Household Medals & Awards

There are three Royal Household Medals & Awards: the Royal House Order of Reichlau, the Royal Household Distinguished Service Medal, and the Royal Household Service Medal. The ribbons associated with each of these are displayed below.

Royal House Order of Reichlau

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His Royal Majesty's Full Title

His Royal Majesty August Charles II, By the Grace of God King of Gotzborg, Archduke of Reichlau, Grand Duke of Lucerne, Marshal of the Union of Seven Nations, Lord of the Border Marches, Admiral of the Southern Reaches, Duke & Elector of Jutien, Protector of Anthelia, Count Kendal

Addressing The King

In Official Correspondence Your Royal Majesty
In Regular Correspondence Your Majesty/Majesty

Post Nominals

The Royal Kingdom maintains an extensive system of Post-Nominals. For more information, please click here.