The Victoria Office

The Victoria Office (An Oifis Bhioctoria in Scottish Gaelic) is a Gotzborg government department headed by a Secretary of State who is responsible for exercising a wide range of government functions in relation to Victoria. It is a distinct entity within the Home Office.


Following the Union with Gotzborg and the abolition of the Kingdom of Victoria, the post of Secretary of State for Victoria was established within the government of Gotzborg. The Secretary of State is entrusted with general responsibility for the government of Victoria.

The office is responsible for Victorian representation in HM Government, facilitating the smooth operation of home affairs in conjunction with the Minister of State, Home Office, and the administering of matters of government in relation to Victoria.


The Victoria Office was created in 2013 when Gotzborg appointed a Lord Lieutenant of Victoria by Royal Decree. Due to this role having a different meaning in Victoria in the past, it soon became apparent that the role caused mass confusion amoungst Victorians. The then Lord Lieutenant, in his role as adviser to His Majesty on Victorian Affairs, Lord Olsen advised that the title be revoked and replaced with something that better suited the traditions of Victoria. This resulted in the creation of a Secretary of State for Victoria in 2014 by Royal Decree.

Secretaries of State

Below are a list of Secretaries of State since the inception of the department.

Picture Name Period Monarch
Lord Olsen 2014-Present August Charles II


Victoria House

180px-Victoria_HouseThe Lonenberg location of the Victoria Office was set up in 2014. Previously it had been owned by the Kingdom of Victoria and was home to the Victorian Embassy in Gotzborg.

It has had a long and colourful history with Victoria and was the scene of the 2009 bombing in which the Ambassador and one his aides was injured by a nail bomb that was placed at the entrance by Amokolian Freedom Fighters who were demanding Amokolian independence from the Victorian Empire.

The event caught the imagination of the Victorian people and one journalist coined the phrase that soon became synonymous with the building "Knocking at the Door". The Entrance to the building itslef survived the blast untouched and became a sign of defiance in the face of terrorism. It is the most recognised, talked about and famous front door amoungst Victorians.

Government House

180px-Government_HouseGovernment House is the official residence of the Secretary of State. Prior to this it was the official residence of the Prime Minister of Victoria. It is located at 1 MacLeod Crescent, in Eldeburgh.

From 1910 onwards, after the House was refurbished after its previous owners had given it and two adjoining houses to the Government of Victoria, Government House became the grace-and-favour residence in Eldeburgh of the Prime Minister.

It is the setting for the weekly meeting between the Secretary and his ministerial advisers, which meets in what used to be the Prime Minister's study. The Secretary of State also greets dignitaries, and holds ministerial receptions and press conferences. Also located in the building is a private study as well as offices, kitchens and overnight accommodation. It is also where, like the Secretary makes press conferences and employs and dismisses Government ministers.

It also accommodates government officials such as the Royal Chancellor and other Ministers of State when conducting business or visiting Victoria. Although no investitures have taken place as of March 2014, Government House will also host awards ceremonies in the name of His Majesty when the Secretary of State is awarding on his behalf to Victorian citizens.